About us

Our story

We started as a group of like minded individuals who shared one thing in common, a love for old classic cars. Not only that, but we love cars that have been well taken care of and preserved. Cars that just looked Smooth as BUTTER. We're talking about that crisp, clean, shiny looking 72 Ford F100 The one with the original paint job, that glistens on a nice summer day. What we learned was that we all shared the same love for these older vehicles. Often, we would share our classic car finds with our family and friends. Many times ending in someone acquiring our classic find.

Our goal is and always has been, to collect well kept vehicles and provide them to the community. Which is why we decided to take our shared love for classic's, & turn our hobby into a business for others to enjoy. Butter Classics is our commitment to you, that we are going to provide you with a treasured classic that you too can love as much as we do.

Our vehicles

A butter classic is any vehicle older than thirty years that has been well kept and well maintained. Our vehicles are more original than not. A well maintained vehicle is a vehicle where you can trace back read the story to the beginning or close to it. Meaning a well documented vehicle history, maintenance regularly, well kept etc. A Butter Classic Car is a car you can trust and rely on, knowing that it's been loved for decades.

Our process
Review Vehicle History
Miles, Owners, Modifications, Locations.
Inspect Vehicle Exterior
Original paint, Paint condition, rust, damage, scratches, leaks, lights, glass, etc.
Inspect Vehicle Interior
Seats, upholstery, electricals, odometer, rust, steering wheel, etc.
Start/Drive Vehicle
Test all gears, look for belts rubbing, abnormal sounds, squealing of any kind, check power steering, cold start etc.
Final Evaluation
we consider all vehicle qualifications to determine its eligibility, to determine if it meets our Butter Classic Standard.